Splice Machines

Fusion splicing is the act of joining two optical fibres end-to-end using heat. The goal is to fuse the two fibres together in such a way that the light passing through is not scattered or reflected by the splice.

The first step of fusing is to remove the coating of the end of each fibre, the stripping of the fibre. Then the fibre is cleaved, using a special cleaver, so both ends of the fibres are perfectly flat and perpendicular to the axis of the fibre.

After this, the fibres are clamped upon the machine. The two end faces are controlled and aligned by the inspection microscope and then fused together by the two electrodes. When the fusion is complete, the bare fibre area is protected by a splice protector.

The splice machines we offer are from Fujikura, the most widely used brand in the world and known for their performance, productivity and reliability.

The new FSM 90S is the latest addition to Fujikura's fusion splicer range and has been specifically designed to be more ergonomic, faster and have greater durability, reducing splicing time to just six seconds.