Welcome to our Service Department

At Amadys, our highly qualified technicians are here to provide exceptional service in a timely manner to you. From annual service of your splicer or cleaver to calibration of measuring devices, we are dedicated to maintaining top tier customer service! 

Would you like to bring in your device to us for maintenance? Please fill in the following document: Service Sheet
Without the filled in document we won’t be able to process your service request. 

A number of general terms and conditions apply to the service of splicers and cleavers. Do not forget to read these before you bring in your device.


Full Annual Service: FSM-12S/22S/41S(+)/62S(+)/70S(+)/90S(+)  € 625,00 + € 53,40 (service + electrodes)
Full Annual Service: FSM-50S/60S€ 725,00 
Full Annual Service: Maintenance - Cleaver CT-06/08/30 € 125,00
Full Annual Service: Maintenance - Cleaver CT-50 € 175,00
Full Annual Service: Maintenance - Cleaver CT-06/08/30 € 125,00 + € 80,00 (service + cleave blade)
Full Annual Service: Maintenance - Cleaver CT-50 € 175,00 + € 80,00 (service + cleave blade)

General Conditions

  • After termination of repair a service calibration record is made including several checks:
  • Annual maintenance
    Visual Damage
    Arc count
    Splice condition
    Splice result
  • Consumable cost can be added to the service repair. e.g. screws, ball bearings,... with a maximum of €7,5 per service.  
  • Full annual service contains 4 hours work. If additional work has to be done an additional work rate repair of €100/h will be charged. 
  • A full annual service per year is recommended. If extra service is needed in the same year a cost of €450 per servicing will be charged.  
  • The estimated duration of a service call will be confirmed as from the moment a PO number is known. 
  • A service call can not be completed without a PO number.
  • Splicers must be brought in in the original yellow cases. Devices that arrive in cardboard boxes will be returned to the customer. For cleavers that do not arrive in the original box, a new box of €51 will be charged.
  • If cleaver isn’t mentioned separately on the service sheet, but is send to us anyway, the cleaver will be serviced and charged.
  • After receiving the notification that your device is ready, you have 2 days to pick it up. From day 3 after the notification, rent will be charged for the replacement device.


Factory warranty is 2 years for fusion splicer and cleaver (if used correctly).

Warranty Period for repairing parts:
  • 0 to 12 months: Optical Fiber Cleaver or Ribbon Fiber Stripper
  • 0 to 24 months: Electric parts (Heater, Motor, LCD monitor, Camera FPC etc.) or Electric unit including electric parts
  • 0 to 36 months: Other parts not mentioned above

  • Warranty Period for labour cost:
  • 0 to 24 months: Within warranty for labour cost
  • After 25 months: Out of warranty for labour cost

  • The warranty does not cover consumables, such as electrodes, battery, blade, sponge rubber etc. Routine splicer servicing or cleaning is not covered under warranty.